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Transform your customer’s eKYC experience with IDcentral’s digital onboarding solution that leverages the power of AI / ML to speed up onboarding by 10X. Your customers can verify their identities from anywhere with IDcentral’s digital onboarding suite includes:
  • OCR-based Document Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • Face Match solution
This will eliminate the possibility of identity thefts completely. Grow your business with ease, without worrying about identity thefts.
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Customer’s digital onboarding made easy with IDcentral’s eKYC solution

Verify your customer's identity within seconds with IDcentral's 90 days* free eKYC solution.
lDcentral has proved itself to be the best eKYC solution vendor globally. It is now providing 90 days* free eKYC solution that helps companies see real identity — the humans behind the screens — with leading Al and expertise in identity space.


How does IDcentral improve your customer's identity verification journey?

IDcentral’s eKYC solution includes OCR solution, Face Match, and Liveness Detection which help reduce risks and improve profitability.

Facilitate Sign-In Process Through OCR based document verification and Selfie Login
Reduce identity thefts by identifying fraudsters while onboarding
Reduce The Cost of Onboarding New Customers to the Platform
OCR and Verification For NID, Passport, and Driving License
Drastically Improve Your User Onboarding Experience

Cutting edge features of IDcentral’s eKYC solution

Enhance your customer's digital experience with IDcentral's AI-based eKYC solution

It is a self-serve platform that is super easy to integrate

Highly accurate tested even with medium to low-quality documents

Supports complete 360-degree skew in documents

Active Liveness Detection via SDK with highest accuracy

Supports all National ID verification including passport and driving license

Web-based demo and Android app-based demo

Handles spoofing attacks via mobile video, paper masks, eye hole masks, latex masks

IDcentral's highly accurate and advanced age mapping system


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Frequently Asked Questions

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IDcentral offers identity document verification services via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & Face Match verification.
The integration is via Rest API.
Once you register above, you’ll get an activation email. Once you activate your account, you can login and request your API key. The key will be sent instantly to your registered email id.
All you need to do to get onboarding solution free for 90 days* is, fill the above given application and you will receive an e-mail on your registered email ID with a set of instructions.
Drop us a line at and we will reach out to you within next 24 hours.

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